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The C4 Foundation — Doing Essential Work for our United States Navy Seals

C4 Foundation Harvard Investments

The C4 Foundation — Doing Essential Work for our United States Navy Seals

Craig Krumwiede, President of Harvard Investments, and his wife Alison Lewis were recently recognized for their charitable efforts to benefit United States Navy Seals and their families through the C4 Foundation. The foundation honors the legacy of Charles Humphrey Keating IV, a heroic Navy SEAL who was deeply rooted in his community and gave his life defending the United States and the freedoms its citizens enjoy.

DeAnn Dana, C4 Foundation Director shared, “Navy SEALs have an interesting and painful method for developing teamwork. When going through BUDs, you are assigned to a boat crew, a group of seven men. You are a team. You are also given a small inflatable boat and paddles to propel it. Days are spent running races with the boat on your head and paddling through heavy surf. The winners of these races sometimes get to rest while the losers are forced to further suffer. Rowing hard with your paddle demonstrates dedication to the team, so when a teammate moves on, and if he has rowed hard for his brothers, they present him with a custom paddle thanking him for his sacrifice.”

When Craig and Alison were presented with a custom paddle at the Land of the Free Event at the Hotel del Coronado in California, DeAnn shared “We wanted to express our appreciation with a paddle to our dear friends Alison Lewis and Craig Krumwiede for their tireless support of the C4 Foundation during the past three years. They believed in our mission from the very beginning since the purchase of the C4 Ranch. Their support, encouragement and motivation have resulted in huge impacts on our housing development progress. We cannot express how thankful we are, and this paddle represents our appreciation to them for ‘Rowing Hard’ for the C4 Foundation and the Naval Special Warfare community.”

Additionally, Alison Lewis has now been named a C4 Foundation Board member where her philanthropic and professional experience will be greatly beneficial to the foundation’s growth. Founded by Charles Humphrey Keating IV’s family, the C4 Foundation’s goal is to research, develop, and implement evidence-based solutions to maintain family unity within this elite group of warriors. Donors contribute to the mental and physical health and well being of active-duty Navy SEALs and their family members by providing a sanctuary for rest, regeneration and reconnection of SEAL fathers, wives, and children. This is accomplished through the offering of neuroscience-based wellness programs both for individuals and whole SEAL families at the C4 Ranch in Coronado California.

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